Olga V. Plugina PC Chartered Professional Accountant Claimed

1 Larch Street, Vancouver V6M 4E2, BC, Metro Vancouver, Canada

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Olga has over 10 years experience in public accounting. She attained her CPA, CGA designation in 2009 while working for a public accounting firm in Aurora, Ontario. For the last several years, Olga's primary focus has been assurance engagements for private corporations and registered charities, corporate and personal taxation, and special engagements with high-net-worth individuals. Olga holds public accounting licences in both British Columbia and Ontario. Olga was born in Kazakhstan and after relocating to Canada at the age of nineteen, she lived in Toronto and Aurora, Ontario, and then settled in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Larch St Vancouver BC V6M 4E2


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Agent/Representative, Service Provider
1 Larch Street, Vancouver V6M 4E2, BC, Metro Vancouver, Canada

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